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Toilet Repair by Sears Handyman Services


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Toilet issues are an unfortunate and unpleasant part of being a homeowner. A broken or malfunctioning toilet can render your bathroom practically unusable, which can make being at home difficult and problematic for family and guests.

Toilets have several parts and mechanisms that are essential to their effective operation, and a defect with any of these parts can make a toilet inoperative. Common toilet malfunctions include, 

  • The flush handle and its chain have disconnected, making the toilet unflushable.

  • Toilet tank continuously fills with water, causing tremendous water waste.

  • A partial flush, when a toilet does not flush completely.

  • Tank fills too slowly, delaying the time it takes to flush.

There problems are quite common, and while they are certainly a nuisance for a homeowner, they can be fixed with the right tools and expertise. Sears Handyman professionals can assist with most toilet repair needs. If you’re experiencing one of the problems listed above or a similar issue, give Sears Handyman Services a call and a technician will be dispatched to attend to your toilet repair needs.

Toilet Installation


Sometimes, a faulty toilet cannot be repaired, and some homeowners simply prefer to update their bathroom with a new toilet. At other times, toilets, made from a combination of several types of clay, can chip and break, making them hazardous to use. Toilet removal and installation can be a laborious task for many homeowners, especially those who don’t have much knowledge of plumbing and their home’s water valves.

If you’ve chosen and acquired your new toilet but need help with the installation, a Sears Handyman can assist with installing your new toilet and removing the old one. Give Sears Handyman Services a call today and we’ll arrange a time that suits your schedule to visit your home and remove your current toilet and install the new one. That way, you won’t have to worry about shutting off your toilet’s water supply, correctly removing your current toilet, and disposing of your former toilet once the new one is installed.

With Sears Handyman Services, the hard work is taken care of and you’re left with a new and improved bathroom for family and guests.

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