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New paint for the interior or exterior of a home can revitalize the appearance of any room or your entire home itself. Whether you just need to touch up a single room or you need someone to paint an entire floor, newly painted walls can dramatically affect the aesthetics and mood of your home. Likewise, painting your home’s exterior—whether that means repainting the existing color or painting your home an entirely new color—will provide a significant update to your home’s entire appearance.

When you need help painting your home’s interior or exterior, call on the professionals at Sears Handyman Services. Our personnel have plenty of experience painting both the interior and exterior of homes.

We know our way around paint brushes, rollers, and ladders, so give us a call and get your paint appointment scheduled today.

Patching Drywall and Replacement Drywall


Common to homes designed and built in the decades after World War II, wallpaper is featured in many homes. Wallpaper has a lengthy history in interior design, but the basic principle is to cover a wall with decorative paper in any number of designs. While wallpaper has existed for centuries, these days, more homeowners are opting for painted walls over wallpaper patterns.

For homeowners who prefer painted walls but currently have wallpaper, the wallpaper will need to be removed before any painting can occur. Wallpaper removal involves using a special tool to perforate the wallpaper, applying a soap solution to loosen the wallpaper, and then using putty knives to remove the paper in sections. Once the paper has been removed, the wall will need cleaned with hot water to remove any remaining adhesive left behind by the paper.

Wallpaper removal can be a lengthy process, and, for especially tough sections of the paper, very difficult to remove.

If you need your wallpaper removed so you can paint your home’s interior, call a Sears Handyman professional. Our staff has the expertise and tools to remove your wallpaper and prep your walls for painting. If you’re interested in having your walls painted, our technicians can assist with that as well.

Installing Drywall


Interior home painting can revitalize entire rooms by giving them an updated look. Whether it’s one room you’re interested in painting or several, interior painting is an excellent way to improve your home.

Not only does painting update your home’s appearance, it also refreshes a home’s interior—new coats of paint can go a long way to masking any odors that have been absorbed in the walls, odors like smoke fumes or food smells.

Painting a home can be a lengthy and difficult process, requiring moving furniture; laying plastic; taping corners, doorways, and ceilings; and applying the coats of paint. These tasks can be especially difficult if they require that painters use ladders to reach high walls or ceilings.

For professional painting assistance from experienced handyman professionals, you can count on the service professionals from Sears Handyman Services. Our staff will perform the hard work of prepping your rooms for painting and applying your chosen paints. We’ll have no trouble getting on ladders and using extendable rollers to get those tough areas, too.

And for renters, if you need an apartment painted to prepare for new tenants or simply to refresh an apartment, our staff can handle that as well.

Installing Drywall


Painting the exterior of your home can dynamically refresh the appearance of your home. When exterior paint has chips or appears faded, your whole home’s appearance suffers as a result. Don’t let your home appear old and weathered—painting your home will revitalize its whole look.

Painting the exterior of your home is no small task, but doing so can take years off the appearance of your house, improving not only the look but potentially the value as well. To have an exterior painting job done correctly takes time, effort, and the proper tools. First, the exterior will need to be cleaned, usually with a pressure washer. For wood exteriors, surfaces sometimes need to be scraped and sanded and any holes and imperfections patched. Other surfaces, like steel or concrete, will require their own pre-treatment.

Next, primer will need to be applied to all surfaces. Priming is an important part of the painting process. Basically, primer prepares the home to be painted by reducing the previous color on the exterior, masking stains and discolorations, and prevents your top coat of paint from peeling or growing mildew.

Once the exterior is primed, it’s time for the painting. Paint needs to be applied evenly and in multiple layers to ensure it appears smooth. Ceilings should be painted first followed by the walls, and then by windows, doors, and shudders. Technique is also important while painting, and using rollers and brushes to apply the paint evenly can be difficult, especially in hard-to-reach places.

For complex and demanding exterior paint jobs, you can call on Sears Handyman Services. Our service technicians have experience with painting the interior and exterior of homes. They’re used to working on ladders and utilizing professional painting equipment. We’ll make sure that the siding has been cleaned and primed so the paint dries as it should and looks great once the job is done.

Call a Sears Handyman Services associate today to discuss your painting project. Our Handyman staff will pay careful attention to your needs and requests so your home looks the way you want it to once the job is done.

Call today to discuss home painting pricing and scheduling.

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