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Garbage Disposal Replacement by Sears Handyman Services


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For assistance replacing your current garbage disposal, call on the experts at Sears Handyman Services. Our staff can handle nearly any garbage disposal issue and they’re standing by to take your call.

Your garbage disposal ensures that your sink and plumbing fixtures don’t get clogged. Contrary to some people’s perception, garbage disposals do not contain blades. Instead, a garbage disposal features two stationary bolts that are fixed to a spinning disk. When the disposal is turned on the disks rapidly spin, and these bolts force food and debris to grind against a stationary grinder along the periphery of the spinning disk. This high-speed action effectively pulverizes the food waste in the disposal so that it can travel down the drain without clogging.

When a garbage disposal breaks, it is probably only a matter of time before your sink begins to clog, as you and other house members are probably not used to ensuring that no obstructive food waste goes down your drain.

If you need a garbage disposal replacement or would like a new disposal installed, you may need the help of a professional handyman to ensure the disposal is installed successfully. Garbage disposals can be tricky appliances to install and repair, and they require knowledge of both plumbing and electrical systems.

Call Sears Handyman Services today to get your garbage disposal working as it should.

Garbage Disposal Repair


Sometimes a garbage disposal simply ceases to work and you can’t figure out the cause. Garbage disposal problems can be attributed to a variety of possible problems. The disposal could be clogged or jammed with an object that is difficult to grasp or find, and many homeowners are wary of attempting to fix a garbage disposal themselves (and for good reason!).

When you’re garbage disposals stops working or starts leaking, leave the complicated job of fixing it to a professional handyman. Sears Handyman Services understands the intricacies of safely deconstructing a garbage disposal unit to discover and fix a disposal problem. Once he has fixed the disposal, a Sears Handyman technician will reassemble the disposal unit so it works properly again.

When a disposal breaks, don’t let your sink become clogged and unusable. Call on a Sears Handyman to fix it.

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