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Deck Maintenance by Sears Handyman Services


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While you’re out on your deck enjoying the sun and spending time with friends and family, it’s easy to forget that your deck needs annual maintenance to preserve its condition and prevent deterioration. To prevent potentially costly repairs, you should be sure to have wood protector or a polyurethane treatment applied.

Additionally, having deck maintenance performed once or twice a year by an experienced handyman can help prevent other kinds of structural problems. A Sears Handyman can re-screw or tighten boards, check the deck for wood rot, have the hangers replaced, or perform other on-the-spot repairs as necessary.

Deck Refinishing


To correctly complete the deck refinishing process, the boards first need to be sanded so they can absorb a special cleaning solution, which purges the wood of substances likely to lead to wood rot. Next a special wood protector product is applied to protect the wood from precipitation.

Deck Cleaning


If you have an older deck or one that was not originally stained properly, you may have more serious problems requiring additional repair services. If you see discoloration among the wood flooring on your deck, this is likely a sign of water damage or wood rot. Wood rot occurs when wood has been exposed to water for prolonged periods of time without having first been treated to prevent water damage. Wood rot leads to discoloration and also to soft spots in the deck, which could crack or break if the problem is allowed to persist.

Deck Sealing


Sometimes wood deck boards shrink over time, causing small or large gap between the boards on your deck.

Whether you need a few minor repairs or major deck renovations to solve problems like wood rot, a Sears handyman is on the job. Call today to discuss your deck repair project.

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